Off into the depth

The indian ocean offers a species of rich fish with temperatures of approximately pleasant 29 degrees popular among its bathers.

Directly before our doorstep one arrives comfortably at the fine sandy beach in front of the sea. Here the diving paradise begins.

A pre stored coral reef with a small isolated island is within reach and offers an ideal playing field for beginners.

For a spontaneous dive with our special speedboats we bring our guests in about 30 minutes to the most beautiful diving locations,

15 different diving sites are present and within reach which consist of varied underwater rock formations. These begin at the depth of

8 meters and extend up to maximum of 30 meters. Our qualified english speaking diving teachers of PADI & SSI accompany the guests

with the diving courses.

We also offer early morning dives, night or wreck dives, something for every taste.

Already starting from an age of 10 years we an train non divers further expert according to the guidelines of PADI & SSI

Visit us also at the East Coast of Sri Lanka