Relief and cure from tradition

Ayurveda is the oldest delivered medicine of mankind. Already before 3000 years it had an university character with independent existing fields of internal medicine,surgery, gynecologie or child medicine.

In a genius way the theory & practice was linked together, where rational thinking & spiritual development with no contrasts but complement each other mutually.

Ayurveda sees humans as a whole unit of body, spirit & soul which stands in constant reciprocation effect with the environment. The human body is in regular internal movement & renewal. In its 100 billion cells each second a quadrillion of chemical reactions ( an inconceivable number with 31 zeros) runs, in addition in the same second several million cells are reduced & then again replaced to form cells regardless of the many loads, this internal balance daily endanger the human body but still able to keep & maintain its health & efficiency over a period of decades.


Our physicians & therapist are main organs of the todays Ayurveda medicine & usually already practiced this deepened tradition since several generations. The Ayurvedic pulse diagnosis as well as the holistic therapy of chronic illnesses are located in the center of most treatments, these are always accomplished through silence which leads to deep relaxation of bodes & soul.

Our center offers different classical wellness, Ayurveda single treatments, holistic treatments over several days & particularly co-ordinated Ayurveda cures according to the principle of Panchakarma.


Panchakarma  is a coordinated system of physical treatments. This proven therapy since thousand of years works towards purposefully to slag the organism gently & permanently. This becomes possible, because the individual steps of panchakarma systematically releases toxin from the organism. The therapeutic sequence consists of three steps.

Release of toxin.

At the beginning of the treatment environmental poisons & the body own toxin deposited in humans are solved always with fat soluble substances. There is a large number of different versions of comfortable oil massages & diet forms, which serves this purpose. Hence extreme tossing which commits themselves to fats are heavily extracted from the cells & set free once again. The most vital aspect of Panchakarma is to release toxin from the organism.


Transportation towards intestine.

Subsequently the basic metabolic activation of the body will be increased. In this treatment phase the patient enjoys herb steam baths, warming pacing & pads, or gentle massages with healing - promoting substances. Also full body oil castings belong to this category these measures transports the before loosened pollutants with the bloodstream towards the intestine.


The first two steps solve substances which then transported to the intestine by intakes or clyster, hence would be driven off systematically from the body through elimination. As guaranteed that cleaning & decontamination of the body are really concluded & mobilized pollutants are unable to reform again in the cells.

Panchakarma treatments are arranged by Ayurveda physicians after a thorough diagnosis in accordance with the illness or disturbance of the individual. The general condition of the patient is then taken into account considering the type of constitution of the three doshas in each case.

The highest priority of Ayurveda is that no harmful side effects exist.

The physician recognizes which measures promote the balance of the patient without forcing excessive demands to the own regeneration. The gentle, profound treatments of Panchakaram are indicated with nearly all diseases. If the organism is cleaned at start further therapy seizes its cause better, the self healing forces are afterwords clearly activated & the organism can recover by the use of Ayurveda herbs.

Beyond that Panchakarma consists of a preventive character. Regularly accomplished this general overhaul ensures the fact that the body accumulate themselves & amit future diseases by withdrawing the basis from the beginning. As a result it prevents the body from being unhealthy & rugged but infect  supports the body to remain young longer by being resistant thus creating Panchakarma - the cure of mental balance, which supports optimism, self assertion & healthy joy of life at all situations.


The principle of Panchakarma